Oreos:: Valentine's Day Edition

Description of Photo Valentine's Day is on Saturday so naturally Oreos had to come out with something red! I present to you Red Velvet Oreo cookies with cream cheese cream. These were very good, not too sweet but I did enjoy the cream cheese cream. The cookie itself just tasted a little different than a regular Oreo, you could tell there was extra flavor but not much. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know what I was expecting but I really enjoyed them. I think I enjoyed the most because they were freeeeeeeeeee. My sister entered a giveaway to get a free pack of the limited edition cookies. She had completely forgotten she entered and then before they came in stores they were delivered to her house! Is there anything more thrilling than getting cookies delivered? I don't think so either!
Description of Photo Sidenote:: As you can see I've slowed down a bit on my challenge and the reason is I need to lose this baby weight! I suddenly got into a funk of just wanting at least 10 more pounds gone. I have a problem of having a lot of cookies in the house and not eating every single one. :(


rice cereal

I'm in no hurry with James. That little guy is the one in a hurry. We had his 6 month well baby check up a few days ago and I was so happy with the report the pediatrician gave us. James is on the smaller side but growing at a pace that's good for him. Our pediatrician was impressed with how on target James was in his development. I am too because I told myself I was going to push him like I did with Ardo and I was going to let James develop when he was ready with just guidance from me. It's probably a second child thing because James is right on target. We started Ardo on rice cereal probably the exact day he became 6 months but with James I was much more concerned with his breastmilk intake. So I've waited. But with the advice of his pediatrician iron fortified rice cereal is the first food added to his diet. I'll probably give him rice cereal for about a week or two and then add a veggie. I haven't decided which veggie but I have a feeling it will either be sweet potato or avocado. Oh wait avocado is a fruit isn't it? Well we might just start with a fruit then! Description of Photo


super bowl & baby polka dot

Description of Photo Yesterday was the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge fan of football. My sport is basketball and right now my team isn't doing so well, but nevertheless, that's my sport. Football...eh. Ardo is getting to the point where whenever we are anywhere he just wants to play. Jerry's family and my dad were all going to Jerry parents house for the Super Bowl we normally would go with Ardo and stay until it was over but this year I thought maybe I could take the boys to go play first, and then we could just join them after. I'm so glad we did. I took the boys to Baby Polka Dot in Paseo (Pasadena) with no restrictions. Do you ever feel as a parent, you say the word no about a billion times a day? I wanted a moment where he could just do whatever he wants and we could just be. My sisters came with me and I was able to play with Ardo just one on one while they watched James a little bit on the baby side of Baby Polka Dot. I always have James with me, I almost always have him in the ergo so it was a little freeing being able to carry Ardo and run and chase him. We left and joined everyone at the Super Bowl party in the 3rd quarter. It was perfect. Ardo was great, it was James that was giving me a hard time. He was fighting his sleep so as my mom says, he was a "bear". He hasn't been nursing great in public because he doesn't want to be covered and he doesn't understand I'd rather not show everything, he's also teething and he's 6 months, so its just everything. But when our baby bear falls asleep it's like nothing every happened isn't it? Can't wait for Super Bowl next year! Description of Photo Description of Photo


james 6 months

Description of Photo Our little guy turned 6 months on January 15. I can't say time has flown by because ya know, sleepless nights. But I can't believe he's 6 months old. He's such a little sweetheart!
Here are few of James' stats:

James: 6 months
Weight: Not sure but last time I checked he was 13 pounds, so Im gonna say 14? same for height, Jury is out on that on.
Sleep: James does NOT sleep through the night that little booger! I read everyday on instagram, mommy after mommy and how their babies sleep 10-14 hours. Can someone please send their baby to my house to give James a lesson?
Food: We haven't moved to rice cereal just yet. I have every intention on starting this week. I have to say tho, with James, I'm in no hurry. Rice cereal is on the agenda for the week tho.
Clothes size: We are getting the very last use out of James' 0-3 clothes. I think I might be a little sad to put away those 0-3 months clothes. It's like, wasn't I just on bedrest?!?
Milestones: James talks up a storm - babbling is his favorite past time. He also sits pretty well and is scooting. He can get up on all fours but just for a second. Description of Photo



Description of PhotoI've made a few goals for 2015. 2014 was such an amazing year! 11 weeks of bedrest but in the end we have our sweet James. I could have never guess what 2014 was going to bring us. For 2015 I have a few things in mind I would love to accomplish.

1. LOSE THIS BABY WEIGHT! I know this probably shouldn't go at the top of the list, but honestly at this time, I think about my body a lot. You know, I'm not one of those celebs that has a baby and boom back to my regular body. I wish I was, this time after bedrest tho, things have been harder for me. My body was so tired and out of shape for laying down for almost 3 months. I need to do two things. Eat a little better and less junk food and start to walk. My Doctor told me after my 6 week check up I could start slowly with 15 minute strolls per day. I haven't started! I bought weight watchers again, it's been sitting in my phone...empty. I complain about my body to everyone constantly and as cliche as it sounds, I think I'm going to take advantage of the new year approaching and start all over again. I don't want to starve and I'm realistic, but these extra 20lbs I'm carrying around is not fun...anymore!

2. NOT BE LATE, ANYWHERE! I never believe people when they said they were late because of their kids. I thought I have a kid and I'm on time. That is non existant since James has been born. I am now late everywhere, every single day. I'm so tired of it. I get my clothes ready at night, I get the kids clothes ready at night, I wake up early...nothing helps, I'm always super late out of the door. I really want to find a way to manage my time better so I'm on time.

3. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! I think I've gotten better at this but it's something I still want to improve on. I always worry so much about the future. I'm number 1 worry wart. I will say that with the birth of James and through breastfeeding, I've slowed down. I actually like the feeling of slowing down and not worrying about tomorrow it feels good and I hope to keep it up. Description of Photo Description of Photo
Happy New Year!


christmas eve and rsv

Description of Photo We've been ridiculously crazy around our home. Everyone has gotten sick with either a cold or the stomach bug. Ardo was first, of course, Ardo is always first. He likes to bring lots of germs home from preschool. Sometimes he keeps them to himself and sometimes he shares the love. This time he shared. James caught another cold....this time tho I noticed things were not getting better quickly as they had done the other couple of times. By the 3rd day I could tell James was getting worse. So we had to make the decision to take James to the er. We went, and the Doctors and Nurses were so sweet and James was such a good little patient. They took a swab from his nose and the swab came back positive for RSV. My heart broke. It's the worse, the absolute worse when babies get sick. They can't tell you what they need, he can't nurse very well because he can't breath. They weighed him at the er and he weighed 13lbs so I'm glad to know he hasn't lost any weight. His cough is the worse tho, I can tell it hurts him. I love the holidays and as cheesy as it sounds I like getting together to celebrate them with not just my family but Jerry's family too. We come together as one big family and it's really sweet. James and I won't be going tonight tho. We asked the Doctors advice and she advised us to keep him home because he is very contagious right now. So tonight it'll be just me and James, and probably reruns of some Real Housewives of New York. Did you guys know HULU has all the real housewives from all the seasons on HULU PlUS to watch? I didn't, but what a nice surprise when I searched and found them. "Who goin check me boo?" 10 stars if you know who said that! Merry Christmas Eve friends! Please Enjoy some Christmas Pictures!
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jamesy claus

Because at 5 months old we should all own Santa suits. Description of Photo Description of Photo