a little corner

We live in a small apartment, I love it, but for 3 people it can get a wee bit cramped sometimes. When I got pregnant with James we considered moving, but then bedrest happened and moving was not an option. Instead I told Jerry we could all fit in our little space, we just needed a little redecorating and maybe some purging, but we'd make it work. I knew I wanted James to stay in our room with us for two reasons: 1. He would be up every 2 hours and I planned on breastfeeding, so I wanted him as close as possible. Any extra steps at 2:30am when you've gone to bed at 12:30am can feel torturous. 2. I wanted to try and avoid waking up Ardo. Newborns in my opinion are easier to put back to sleep than a 3 year old.

We started by rearranging our room, once we did James' corner came together perfectly.
First came the changing table. This is actually Ardo's changing table. It was originally black. Jerry painted it a light green because with James I wanted lighter pastel colors. Also, James is our second born and I'm a second born, as much as I love hand me downs and reusing things we already had with Ardo, I'm a big believe in making items their own. Even something as small as painting, can achieve that. I wasn't sure we were going to be able to get an extra dresser so I bought these bins at target to create a dresser out of the changing table. Description of Photo I bought a new changing pad and covers trying to keep everything colorful but not overwhelming. I don't like to have to many stuff animals because they can become clutter so easily. I found a few I like and James seems to like them too. That little elephant pillow I found on ebay for $2.00. When Ardo was born I got him a few of these pillows for his head to avoid him getting a flat head and it seemed to help.
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I was really hoping to get a mini crib for James because although we have Ardo's crib, it's a much bigger crib. I scoured craigslist because I had a feeling Jerry wouldn't appreciate us getting a brand new one. I had no luck, then one day my friend Laura was shopping at a little boutique near her house. They had the crib I wanted for more than 60% off retail. It was the floor model and they just wanted to sell it. We scored big time. It had a few scratches but the owners fixed those right up for us before we took it home.
Description of Photo I'm huge on pictures, I probably get it from my mama. This pillow from tiny prints was just perfect. The picture inside the pillow is one of the first pictures I snapped with Ardo and James. Although James doesn't use the pillow at night I love being able to dress up his crib with a picture. Truth be told I've stolen this pillow from time to time and put it on my bed too. I just love it. Description of Photo Another cute staple I use to dress up his crib is this pillow with his initial on it. Nice golden yellow and then a little J. Are customizable pillows not the BEST!

Description of Photo I bought these little elephant prints and some wall stickers so I could dress up his wall a little bit instead of leaving it bare white. I initially thought I put the triangles all over the walls but when Jerry started to put them up he made this design and I thought just leaving it at that would be better. I tried having a little elephant theme going on in his corner. Not too overwhelming just in case another animal caught my eye. I think I've done a good job at achieving that.

Description of Photo Lastly is James' dresser. I said before we weren't sure we would be able to even fit a dresser in here, but since we were able too we decided to match the dresser with ours. Again to not create clutter I keep only a few things on top. A few books, Sophie giraffe and a thermometer. The thermometer is so important to me because sometimes I might not realize how hot or cold a room can be. I know the way it goes is if you're hot the baby is hot and if you're cold the baby is cold, but I don't think that always works that way, especially after you've had a baby and your hormones make you feel 1,000 degrees everyday. I like to have a number to gage how I should dress Jamesy boy.
I would like to say I'm done with his corner but you never know, I might add a few more things here and there. Description of Photo


pumpkin patch :: part 2

Description of Photo Description of Photo Yup that's my son with his finger in his nose, I'm so proud of him. :)
Another little tradition we have around Halloween is visiting a pumpkin patch with my good friend Laura. It's been so cute to see our babes grow up together. This year we visited Underwood Family Farm. We'd been here before together and really enjoyed it. The first time we came sweet little Dylan was just over a month old and now she's two! :( Jamesy boy was our baby tho, he basically slept the entire time we were there, it was great! This year we were also joined by Angela and her little sweetie Olivia. Angela is Laura's friend, but I'm gonna call her my friend too! It was 3 mamas against 5 little ones, we managed and had a great time. Hanging out with other parents can be so nice because I feel like they're immuned to meltdowns, and potty accidents, and hay throwing and crazy kids running a muck. It's like EH. Ardo didn't want to ride the ponies but he wasn't afraid this time. I asked him once, he said no and that was that. I told Laura I wasn't going to be all crazy pushy mom and force him. I didn't and we had a much better time. I just let him do him! Description of Photo Ardo and Brooke these two crazy kiddies. I just love them. Description of Photo I wish we could have gotten James in on this picture, but I was not about to wake him. Description of Photo Little Olivia. Description of Photo
Ardo trying to be cool next to the spider, then hopping on.
 photo 7ecc6969-aa9e-4fe6-9ae0-0d3afcdb63e5.jpg photo 78fdae27-3143-42da-94d3-9a70351e252a.jpg
Everyone trying to get up on the spider. Description of Photo
I love halloween!
Also, I've been meaning to mention my dear friend Laura who is one of the most creative people I've ever met, along with Angela, opened up La Lune. An awesome little online shop selling accessories for mamas and little ones. Girls and Boys! La Lune is having a 50% off sale right now on their Joyeux Halloween collection. This is my favorite out of the collection. I'm ridiculously excited about what is coming for Christmas. Keep up the great work mamas!


Oreos :: the halloween addition

Description of Photo I'm probably not going to do this again because this was a lot of cookies in one month, but this month I am comparing another set of Oreos. I heard a little rumor about Oreo cinnamon sugar for Halloween but after careful investigation, it appears that was only a rumor. I haven't seen those at all. I did however stumble upon these little gems at Target:: Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple.

Let's get started, first Pumpkin Spice. I really liked these. I always wonder why whenever something is flavored pumpkin it has to be pumpkin spice. Why the spice?? Maybe someone can explain that to me one day. These were really good, the creme was creamy, the pumpkin spice was just right and the vanilla cookie complimented it all. I wish they had these all year around! We all tried this cookie and all agreed they were yummy. Ardo particularly loved these out of all the cookies. He's a cookie monster so I take his opinion very seriously.
Description of Photo
Next is Caramel Apple. OMG GAG!!! These were the grossest cookies I've ever tried. It did taste like a caramel apple, and I like those, but caramel apple flavor is gross! These were soooo sweet, I could barely eat one. My sister couldn't even finish hers, she threw the creme out and just ate the cookie. Ugh, I definitely won't be getting these again…ever!! Bummer too I have to try and get rid of them cause I have the whole pack left with only a few cookies missing. Let me know if you want them, I'll Fed Ex them right over. The concept was great but the taste…………….ummm no. Description of Photo


pumpkin patch :: part 1

Description of Photo Every year since Ardo was born, my mom, sisters and I have taken him to a little pumpkin patch near our house. It's the cutest little thing and with such a small space they really try their best to make the most of it. Ardo decided he wanted to be scared of the ponies this year, he was talking to the ponies telling them to come, and then when the pony came over to where Ardo was....he was terrified. I try my best tho to not let him leave somewhere still afraid. I encouraged him to say hi to the animals and to not be afraid. By the end of the pumpkin patch he was talking to the ponies again, from afar, but still. James had a blast! Well he woke up towards the end and decided to be a happy baby. Description of Photo Description of Photo Ardo drove the tractor, or crashed it, same thing. Description of Photo Gummy smiles are the best. James started smiling so early, it's the sweetest thing.
 photo 2e13055b-3776-45af-a96c-091a55a5c65a.jpg photo b5ebbc2e-982b-495f-b86f-c00dec8a1c07.jpg


james in the giant pumpkin

Description of PhotoArdo was 6 months when he had his first Halloween. I had seen a picture of a baby in a pumpkin on pinterest and really wanted to recreate it. Jerry cut the holes in the pumpkin and my mom basically stood on her head, but we got a great picture of Ardo smiling. James is only 3 months so to get him in a pumpkin supported was going to be a little harder, but I was up for the challenge. Since James is not sitting up yet I figured cutting holes would not be a good idea. Instead I propped him up inside with towels. We cut the pumpkin lower in the back and he was able to lean on the pumpkin, more like tummy time in a pumpkin. It worked perfectly. Oh, one last thing and this is important I fed him right before, James only appreciates life when he has a full belly. :)

Don't worry this pumpkin is organic. Description of Photo Description of Photo
Happy Friday!


Oreos :: the experiment heard round the world!

Description of Photo I'm taking a quick break from my pregnancy and James' update to bring you this post on Oreo cookies. For a long time now I thought it would be fun to compare all the Oreo cookies I could get my hands on. This idea first came to me while I was at target (like most grand ideas). Target usually has a ridiculously large selection of Oreos. I thought to myself, I love Oreo cookies, why not try all the flavors and then share my experience and favorite flavors with all of you! That's what blogs are for, are they not? *WARNING* I might gain a million pounds while conducting this study, but folks, I'm willing to take one for the team!
While I was on bed rest I would crave Oreos. I'm reluctant to say "crave" because if I didn't have one, I wouldn't get crazy or DIE but if I could have one (everyday) I would. I think now more then ever is the best time for me to sample dozens and dozens of cookies. I'm exclusively breastfeeding James...so a few extra calories won't hurt, or is it exclusively breastmilk? My body is his only nourishment, how about that.:)

Description of Photo

I initially thought to I'd buy every flavor and take it from there but then I realized...you know Oreo coma, so instead I'm going to do 1-2 flavors at a time. This first time I'm doing 3 because I couldn't choose between two. Libra problems. The first 3 I tried were ... MINT, REVERSED: Chocolate creme and vanilla cookie, and Birthday Cake.

Lets start with Mint: Mints filling was like a double stuffed oreo, so much creme. The mint taste wasn't overwhelming but you could taste the mint. Tasted a little like mint chip. I think they put more creme so you can get a better taste of the mint. Out of the 3 this was my second choice. The creme was really soft, which I liked. But overall, these get a sideways thumb.
Description of Photo
Next is Chocolate creme with a vanilla cookie: This was my favorite!! I wasn't sure if I was going to like the vanilla cookie but it was vanilla tasting, it just tasted like a white cookie and wasn't overpowering. The chocolate creme was so soft and silky. The best part, they weren't too sweet. They were perfect. THUMBS UP!
Description of Photo
Last is Birthday Cake: My least favorite, but, I was most excited to try. I had been eyeing birthday cake for so long. When my birthday came around in September I told Jerry, "I'm getting these!"
After trying them tho, my first thought was, they are just too sweet. The sprinkles were just too much. The only difference was the sprinkles. Maybe because the other two cookies were very different and these just had something added. I might be a little hard on these Birthday Cake cookies but that's the way the cookie crumbles (see what I did there). So these are a thumbs down, but I'm glad I tried them. Well folks, that's it, my first 3 comparisons. I'm already working on part two…Halloween Edition! Description of Photo
Just a sidenote: These posts are NOT sponsored by Oreo cookie. I just went on quest to try every Oreo cookie and gain a million pounds! :)



Description of Photo James was born on July 15, 2014. It's crazy because I went to the Dr that Tuesday as I had every Tuesday for the past 4 weeks. On my way I could tell my contractions were different. They were painful. I had been having contractions for months, but never were they painful. I told my mom on the way to the Dr….uh oh, these contractions are painful, and I'm having one after the other after the other. I get to the Dr and she comes in quickly and says, okay you're going to labor and delivery we're going to try and stop it. I get to labor and delivery and one of my girls is there and sure enough I was in "labor" but they tried to stop it. First, I got an IV then my meds and sure enough labor was starting to subside. They called my Dr and she said to let me go home because I wasn't dilated and my contractions were starting to taper off. I get wheeled out, Jerry takes me home and probably within 10 minutes of leaving the hospital, my contractions come back. This time they come back with a vengeance, a vengeance called labor. The short version of the rest of the story is I go into full blown labor by the time I get home, we call the ambulance, I get taken to a different hospital and James is born. Unfortunately I did have a complication at the end. My placenta detached and James went without oxygen for a little bit so he had to spend a few days in the NICU. You know, I so badly did not want James to have to go to the NICU. I was so strict with myself on bed rest to try and avoid him coming to early. I could have never predicted my placenta actin a fool at the last minute. But it did, and he was whisked off. This time around fortunately and unfortunately, because I had been through this one time before, I didn't let his NICU stay get me down. I embraced that this is our story. I let the nurses do there thing and I did mine. I was adamant about holding him and when it was time to breastfeed I pushed it. I told them I needed a lactation consultant, I needed a pillow and I needed my baby. And that's it, James came home and has been our little joy. Ardo is so sweet with him. He gives him tons of kisses and hugs, sometimes a little too hard but with a lot of love. James is the reason I didn't feel the need to get crazy on bed rest. I knew from the start that sooner than later bed rest would be over and my baby would be here, and now almost 3 months later, the bedrest the NICU stay all gone, but our sweet boy is here to stay. I want to reach out to anyone who is going through a bedrest stay or has a little boo in the NICU, I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me. Maybe I can suggest a few tips or just a bedrest buddy. You are not alone! Okay, just wanted to reach out. :) And of course a few pics of little James.
Description of Photo Description of Photo
He's such a sweet little guy. Description of Photo

I'm almost caught up you guys. ALLLLLMOST