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I failed you guys. I didn't complete my 21 day challenge. Okay here's what happened. I had every intention on completing my challenge eventho I knew it might be harder on Mother's Day. As Mother's Day gets closer and closer I started thinking "oh maybe I'll have a cheat day." I thought it was perfectly fine to have one cheat day cause the last 10 days had gone so well. I was struggling, should I - shouldn't I. The morning of Mother's Day came and I decided it would be fine to have one cheat day. I had a couple mini donuts and Starbucks in the morning and I kept thinking "it's just one day and I wasn't going crazy." I told my sister, I decided to have a cheat day and she says "okay so you didn't complete the challenge?" I kept assuring her no I was still gonna complete it, I was just having a cheat day. She said very seriously "Sonya if you didn't complete the challenge and you're eat this food, YOU DIDN'T COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE!!" ............. "Whaaat? Wait so, wait, you can't have a cheat day?" The answer to that is NO. I swear I felt really stupid. I seriously thought a cheat day was fine and I had convinced myself a cheat day was fine. Um no. So needless to say I failed you, I didn't complete my challenge. I feel bad about it too cause the first 10 days were okay, they weren't that hard, I just didn't eat bad food. The 10 days I actually completed really brought to light how much junk food I eat. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Something I'm not proud of. So I'm going to do the challenge again. I'm going to make my own list tho and include alcohol. I don't drink very much but that's something else I could do without. So I failed you! I was thinking of having a link up when I do start the challenge again for anyone who wants to join me! I'm thinking I'll start June 8. Who's with me!


dressing jamesy

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I love dressing my boys cute but I also have to be practical. I remember the days when I used to buy Ardo things and never wait for sales. Then because little ones grow so quickly within a few months he had outgrown whatever outfit I bought and there it went in the giveaway pile. When Ardo started preschool that stopped really quick. He goes through clothes like crazy. I've never really been that way with James. I try my best with James to find him adorable clothes but its gotta be at the right price. Anyway the other day I was perusing H&M like I do when I want to window/online shop and they just got in some new stock! They have the cutest SHIZZ right now! I saw the bear sandals and omg I want them for James, so freakin cute! So I decided to make this little board of all the cute shizz cause for me H&M does something right time and time again. They get boys clothes. Not every single thing for a boy needs to be basketball or future football player. Oh lord I HATE future anything on a 3 month old onesie! Babies are fresh out of the womb this is their future: a wet diaper and milk...that's it! Whoops, sorry tiny rant. You get it tho, not all girls are princesses and not all boys are baseballs players. Sometimes baby boys want to wear bears on their feet and neon sunglasses, and that it okay with me! Mothers of baby boys this one is for you. Next week I think I'll do a board for bigger boys. Summer is right around the corner, actually I'm in California, that means summer is next week.


21 fiesta

mexican fiesta Over the weekend we had a little Mexican Fiesta for my baby sister. "Baby" eventho we celebrated her turning 21! We wanted to throw my sister a nice little party but on a budget. WEDDING DECORATIONS TO THE RESCUE! My wedding decorations have really come in handy. I can't believe how many times myself and others have been able to use them. Honestly it warms my heart to see them used over and over again. My sister Marcy and I decided to add a few little decorations to Mariah's birthday, to make hers special. Just because we were using my decorations doesn't mean she couldn't have her own little touches. If can you believe it, we had Mariah's party at my tiny apartment. My apartment has a common grass area that is really nice, so we just had it there. The weather was perfectly overcast with a cool breeze....it was a great Saturday. You know it's crazy to me that my little sister turned 21. I can still remember the day she was born. I remember my grandpa came to pick us up from school. I remember asking him where my mom was and he said she went to the hospital. I remember giving him the biggest hug ever because I was so excited my baby sister was here. I remember when we went to the hospital, she was much more red than I anticipated...but she was adorable. I'm proud of the woman she has become. So what does a proud sister do? Throws a bomb fiesta! mexican fiesta The birthday girl and Jamesy boy. mexican fiesta We set up the tables simple but vibrant. mexican fiesta I love jarritos sodas so much. We tried getting as many flavors as we could. I love it when you can even keep your drinks in a theme. mexican fiesta This is the dessert table. Marcy and I made that 21 pinata. We didn't really have any instructions so we just kind of winged it. We cut out two pieces of the each number and lined them with cardboard, then measured tissue paper to wrap around and cut those to make little streamers. We just did that all the around. I'm really proud of how they came out. The papel picado is from my wedding. mexican fiesta Of course we had to order some Auntie Apple's cookies again. Jennifer (she's Auntie Apple) she posted these cookies for Cinco de Mayo. I had to order some for our dessert table. How cute is Frida? mexican fiesta mexican fiesta These Mariachi Men we're my favorite! My sister found the tutorial here on good ole pinterest. I love them so much! They were super easy to recreate. The tutorial takes you step by step and as soon as we made one, the others were easy! Aren't they just adorable? mexican fiesta mexican fiesta matching mustaches mexican fiesta My sister Marcy and I love, I sure love her. mexican fiesta mexican fiesta

and now on to the next one...James turns 1 in two months if you need me I'll be planning...and crying. :)


around this blog

Hello all and welcome to any new readers. My name is Sonya and this is my blog
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for those of you who have been here for awhile (you guys are awesome by the way) thank you so much for sticking around and allowing me to share little things about my life. I just wanted to say HI. You have probably noticed a few reviews the last few weeks for Nuby. I am so proud to say that I am a Nuby Parent Blogger. We really love and have used Nuby in our house for 4 years now. When Ardo was just a baby. I'm excited to continue to use their products with James and give you all reviews of what I think.
I link many things in this blog but as of right now there is no affiliate linking. That might change later but right now there is none. I don't have a policy on affiliate linking, I just don't do it. I've decided to designate Wednesdays to review items. Not every item I've reviewed or will review is gifted. Sometimes I review something because I've been wanting to try it out and let you know what I think. Sometimes I review items because they are sent to me to review but it's always going to be something I use, can use or my family uses. I want to keep this blog honest in the sense that I let you (my readers) know what's up. I'll never review or be gifted something that doesn't fit perfectly well with my family and I'll always let you know. I am excited to keep venturing on with my blog and go wherever it may take me.
Thanks for following along and Happy Friday!


baby food storage - one stop shop

Description of Photo I've mentioned before that I make James' baby food. Actually I've probably mentioned it like a billion times! A couple weeks ago I did this post reviewing Nuby Squeeze Spoon. When you make baby food, you can store it a billion different ways. I think the Squeeze Spoon is perfect for on the go. Today I want to share with you a one stop shop in baby food storage. These are Nuby's Storage Pots. I've been using them for a few weeks now. Here's the absolute best thing about these storage pots...convenience!! This is what I normally do when I'm making baby food. I make a big batch and I store some in food jars for the week and freeze the rest. When Nuby offered me these storage pots for a review I figured they were going to be great because they have a non skid bottom which you probably know from the ages 6months to 4 years old, non skid is a god send and if you drop them, they won't break. Then as I was looking them over I realized they can be refrigerated and frozen and if need be microwaved all in the same pot!

That is sweet potato-broccoli-pasta. James loves it. Description of Photo These storage pots are 2oz and BPA free of course. Don't you love that little tray they come in? Keeps your pots nice and organized in the freezer or refrigerator. As I mentioned they are also microwave safe. I don't normally use the microwave to heat up James' food because microwaves can create hot spots in food. If you are going to use a microwave make sure you mix the food well and let it stand for a good few minutes before feeding it to your baby. Testing it yourself is a good idea too. Cause in a pinch we all do what we need to do to get our little monsters fed. Description of Photo

Nuby sent me this product to review but all opinion are my own. :)


mama's day

Description of Photo I had the best Mother's Day ever yesterday. I don't play games with Jerry on what I want or what to get me or anything like that. I remind him of our anniversary, and he could never forget my birthday because I start planning it in August (it's September 25). For Mother's Day this year I asked Jerry to plan everything. I didn't want to be asked what I wanted to do I just wanted him to plan it for me. He did just that and it was great! We started with breakfast in bed. Jerry made me blueberry waffles and bacon. Ardo was dying to give me my Mother's Day gift. I emailed Jerry a few weeks ago and said "I want this for Mother's Day" I swear when I got it tho I was still kinda surprised. And I think I'm my mom now cause I seriously wanted that food processor. Majestic yellow because that matches my Kitchen Aid Mixer and hopefully for Christmas I get the blender??
Ardo kept wishing me a Happy Birthday Mother's Day. It was so sweet! James kept drooling on me and giving me slobbery, boogery kisses. They love me! We celebrated Mother's Day with Jerry's mom on Saturday, we didn't originally plan to do that but Jerry's mom arranged everything and actually it was really nice because we weren't jumping from house to house. We stayed at Jerrys mom's house pretty late Saturday then Sunday we made a stop at my moms house then back home and dinner at night for me. It was such a nice day. Description of Photo My mama and me. I owe so much to this lady. We surprised my mom with cookies from Jennifer the amazing baker behind Auntie Apple. She recreated these I Love Lucy cookies and my mom was so surprised! We aren't huge fans of fondant and Jennifer doesn't use fondant so you can enjoy the cookies so much more. Description of Photo I am so grateful for my boys. Description of Photo Description of Photo Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating your mama's!



This: In the car, seatbelt selfie. It was a must tho because, I got a haircut!!!!!! I haven't had a haircut since September, it was my birthday gift from my mom. Just a short 8 months later and I've gotten another one! haha Yay! Jerry bought me a promotion for a hair salon for Valentine's Day, so yesterday I took advantage. I'm purposely making that picture small because I don't need a huge one. :)

This: I love this song right now.

This: Wholesome baby food website I'm trying to change up James' baby food and introduce different food to him. I've been considering cheese next but Jerry is actually the one wanting me to hold out a little longer. Either way I need to remember James is almost 10 months old and different foods are a must!  

This: Mommy blog if you aren't already reading Pig & Dac, you need to be. Jessica is such a great writer and I love her tips.

This: Twitter account, it's mine! haha. I decided it was probably time to have a twitter just so I can share everything and be connected. Follow me, k.