Description of Photo James was born on July 15, 2014. It's crazy because I went to the Dr that Tuesday as I had every Tuesday for the past 4 weeks. On my way I could tell my contractions were different. They were painful. I had been having contractions for months, but never were they painful. I told my mom on the way to the Dr….uh oh, these contractions are painful, and I'm having one after the other after the other. I get to the Dr and she comes in quickly and says, okay you're going to labor and delivery we're going to try and stop it. I get to labor and delivery and one of my girls is there and sure enough I was in "labor" but they tried to stop it. First, I got an IV then my meds and sure enough labor was starting to subside. They called my Dr and she said to let me go home because I wasn't dilated and my contractions were starting to taper off. I get wheeled out, Jerry takes me home and probably within 10 minutes of leaving the hospital, my contractions come back. This time they come back with a vengeance, a vengeance called labor. The short version of the rest of the story is I go into full blown labor by the time I get home, we call the ambulance, I get taken to a different hospital and James is born. Unfortunately I did have a complication at the end. My placenta detached and James went without oxygen for a little bit so he had to spend a few days in the NICU. You know, I so badly did not want James to have to go to the NICU. I was so strict with myself on bed rest to try and avoid him coming to early. I could have never predicted my placenta actin a fool at the last minute. But it did, and he was whisked off. This time around fortunately and unfortunately, because I had been through this one time before, I didn't let his NICU stay get me down. I embraced that this is our story. I let the nurses do there thing and I did mine. I was adamant about holding him and when it was time to breastfeed I pushed it. I told them I needed a lactation consultant, I needed a pillow and I needed my baby. And that's it, James came home and has been our little joy. Ardo is so sweet with him. He gives him tons of kisses and hugs, sometimes a little too hard but with a lot of love. James is the reason I didn't feel the need to get crazy on bed rest. I knew from the start that sooner than later bed rest would be over and my baby would be here, and now almost 3 months later, the bedrest the NICU stay all gone, but our sweet boy is here to stay. I want to reach out to anyone who is going through a bedrest stay or has a little boo in the NICU, I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me. Maybe I can suggest a few tips or just a bedrest buddy. You are not alone! Okay, just wanted to reach out. :) And of course a few pics of little James.
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He's such a sweet little guy. Description of Photo

I'm almost caught up you guys. ALLLLLMOST


coming home

When I was in the hospital on bed rest the plan for me was to just sit (or lay) tight. My Dr came and saw me every single day and examined me every day, she heard my lungs, felt for the baby, asked me the same routine questions. She asked me them so much I would just answer: NO leaking, bleeding or spotting. Trust me, if there was they would be the first to know. At 30 weeks my perinatologist came to see if my cervix had shortened anymore. It had been 4 weeks since he checked me into the hospital. He came with his machine and right there in my hospital bed, like everything else, he checked my cervix. To my wonderful delight, my cervix had not gotten any shorter, in fact with the bed rest and my medications it had actually gotten a little longer. I couldn't have been happier. I told myself I was doing everything I could to keep my cervix strong and baby in, but I know a part of me would have been disappointed if my cervix had change for the worse. Whenever I saw my perinatologist he would tell me "I know you want to know when you can go home." He then said, if your cervix doesn't show anymore changes at 32 weeks, we're gonna send you home! WHAAAAT?!?! HOME? I was ridiculously excited. I guess I did but I was perfectly content staying in the hospital til I reached 36 weeks July 15. At 32 weeks I had another ultrasound to check my cervix and to my glorious delight my perinatologist told me my cervix had actually gotten longer once again, just a centimeter but I took whatever I could get. And then he said he felt comfortable sending me home! I packed everything up, got in my wheelchair, hugged every single nurse and came home.

Okay I'm going to be completely honest with you, coming home was wonderful, but it wasn't easy. Something I learned very quickly was although being in the hospital was difficult because I was away from my family and pups and nice comfy bed, the nurses made life very easy. They brought me my meds, gave me sponge baths, brought me food if I needed, emptied my commode…they did everything. HOME…Jerry, my mom and sisters did all these things but the day your sister has to empty your commode your life changes :) no but really, those were things that were the most difficult. I had to make sure on a daily basis whenever someone left me, I had plenty of gatorade, water and snacks to hold me over til the next shift. I took my bed rest very seriously, I wasn't a bed rest cheater that "quickly" grabbed anything from the kitchen, in fact I didn't go into the kitchen til the day I came home from the hospital.

I stayed home from the hospital for exactly 4 weeks, only leaving the house to go see my fabulous Dr. On the 4th week at exactly 36 weeks, our sweet James was born….but first a couple belly shots (just because I want to share them on this little space)

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surviving hospital bed rest day

I had this post in my que for awhile but its a post I really wanted to share. I was on strict bed rest for 11 weeks! Yes 11! I was a very good patient too. I am by no means an expert but after 11 weeks I do have a few tips.

1. When people want to visit you…let them!
My mom and sisters come every single day to the hospital and stay all day. Every. single. day. I will forever be grateful to them for keeping me company, it made so many days shorter. In between my family, Jerry brought Ardo a couple times a week, my mama in law would visit and of course my sweet friends, it was the nicest feeling. At first when I checked in, and people wanted to come visit me I wasn't sure because I thought, well it's just me, our little guy isn't here yet. Then I quickly realized how ridiculous that was, and I said yes please come, and they did and usually they brought yummy food!

2. Take your laptop or iPad you are gonna need it.
If you're like me and had to go on bed rest before you could get everything ready for baby, you'll want to do that from the hospital. I spent lots of time on my laptop browsing, pinning, and ordering for little baby, for me, for Ardo, even Jerry got a surprise or two every once in awhile. It was a perfect way for me to watch some of my favorite shows using netflix. Speaking of which while I was in the hospital, I got hooked on Orange is the New Black. I watched season one in a few days and lucky for me season two came out just a few weeks after I was admitted. I cannot WAIT for season 3, I'm trying to get Jerry hooked, he's watched but I don't think he's crazy about it like I am.

3. Nurses are your friends.
NOT YOUR ENEMY. I'm actually not sure why anyone would think to be mean to their nurse in the hospital, actually that's not true I can think of a reason, if your nurse is a snot then by all means do what you must but for me in the high risk unit at my hospital, the nurses were not only angels, they became my best friends. I did like a few more than others I will admit that, but all the nurses were just great. They would come into my room to check on me, to tell me things, crack jokes, always made sure I was the most comfortable I could be. I had a night nurse who would come in to visit even when I wasn't her patient (I wonder if she ever go that dog we talked about so many nights). I actually do miss those ladies. If and this is just an IF, if you need to not like someone I have the perfect group, the people in the white coats…the vampires that came to take my blood whenever my Dr would ask for it. Now THOSE people I didn't smile at I didn't talk to, I let them take my blood then I would complain to them to my nurses later. :)

4. If you there is a network at the hospital, let them come and visit.
This might sound similar to suggestion 1, except in this case you are allowing someone to visit you you've never met. Around week 5 in the hospital my nurses asked me if I'd like a visitor from a volunteer and former patient who was on bed rest. This former patient was already making her rounds so I said why not. I can't remember the name of the woman but she came in and she was so sweet. You could tell she just really wanted to help. Her story was she was pregnant with twins when her cervix started to shorten so she had to stay on bed rest for 3 weeks til she delivered. She and I both thought it was a little funny I had already surpassed her bed rest and had at least 7 more weeks if not longer. Even still, this woman was so nice to talk to because no matter how long, it was nice being able to exchange stories and bond with someone who had gone through the exact same thing I was going through. So my advice is if there is a volunteer who just wants to connect, it's a really nice feeling to do so.

I could probably write pages and pages on bed rest and I might write one more post but these are my tips to start. As I've said before, if any of you ladies are on bed rest right now and would like to email me to talk, I'd be more than happy to talk!


i'm back and we have another baby

Hey there! It's been awhile, I hate when time goes by and the little ole blog gets neglected a little bit. There is so much I want to do with this blog and I have just got to do it. The last couple of months (or 10 weeks) have been amazing. We welcomed a sweet little boy to our family and when I say sweet, he is just the sweetest little mama's boy. I might be going backwards just a little bit but there's so much I want to share about my bed rest journey. All the good and only a little bit of …….. frustrating? bad? My crazy quick labor and just everything in between. I am back and this time for good!!


national donut day

Description of Photo I wish I blogged in real time, for the most point I don't, but yesterday was national donut day and it's something to be celebrated! I didn't even know national donut day existed til about a few months ago. Any national-eat-something-yummy-day and I'm there! So yesterday my sister and I celebrated, by taking silly pictures and eating lots of donuts. We ate two each and for us that's a lot considering one, is more than enough! We ate the second donut shortly after in n out too, we just couldn't wait! Yesterday was a fun day. I seriously need to stop eating! All the nurses here and family and friends keep telling me it's okay and my weight is fine eventho I'm on my way to gaining way more than I did with Ardo, but if I didn't love food before, I really appreciate the variety now. Description of Photo Hope you enjoyed your donuts yesterday and everyday!!


therapy pups

Description of Photo I checked in the hospital on a Tuesday afternoon, that Thursday I got a real surprise come through my door…. a therapy dog!!! The sweetest little british woman asked if she could come in and have a little visit with me. I of course said YES and she entered with Kai, a golden retriever who had been abused as a pup and is now a therapy dog. My day immediately brightened up, I had no idea the high risk unit had added therapy dogs. The trainer told me this was something new the hospital was trying because the high risk and postpartum share a floor. Some woman don't want dogs near their new born babies, which I completely understand, but the hospital felt because the high risk unit has their own little wing they'd try it out. So far it's worked perfectly and us mamas to be who are cooking our boo's. The trainer has two dogs, Kai and Maisie, Maisie is a little younger and she's a golden doodle. Her hair is amazing!! Its puffy and curly and sometimes in her eyes but something I didn't know is golden doodles don't shed. I don't know about you guys but the only downfall of our amazing dogs Atticus & Goliath is the shedding, and now that summer is right around the corner its going to kick up a notch!

So every Tuesday and Thursday here come my little hairy friends. If I can't be with Atticus and Goliath, its really nice to visit with these guys. Description of Photo My sister made me my little therapy dog garland to brighten up my room. :) Description of Photo Description of Photo
I know I'm in the same pose in every picture but you know, at least I've mastered it!


my mamas birthday

Description of Photo My mom with her ardie at his 3rd birthday.

Today my mom turns 60. My mom is the greatest one of a kind woman. She's for sure the funniest. We can't even try and get mad at her because she always does something or makes a really funny face and we're right back laughing.
I often wonder who I would be without such a strong amazing role model. I remember even as a kid thinking how cool she was. When we were little and even now, but when we were little my mom was able to stay home with us. I didn't know not everyones parents were able to do that, I just knew how happy I was to see my mom everyday after school. How happy I was to be able to unload my whole day on my mom. Unfortunately I'm a working mom, but fortunately for Ardo after preschool, he goes with his nana!

You know how I mentioned my mom is the greatest, when I was on bed rest with Ardo my mom came every single weekday, on the weekends I had more visitors and Jerry would stay with me, when I was put in the hospital this time we knew it was for at least 10 weeks and my mom has been here every single day again. I can't tell you how little you feel when at 29 and your mom needs to help you shower, that's how I know how amazing she is. I was hoping so much to have a nice party or get together for my mom this year, but since I'm here (in the hospital) we have to hold off a little. As soon as I'm outta this place tho, its on, at least a fancy lunch!! I love you mom, happy birthday! Description of Photo Description of Photo A toothless me and my mom mom, I'm pretty sure I was in kindergarden here, I see my teachers in the background so I can only assume. :) Description of Photo